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Flu Vaccine: Part 1

Dr. Adam Possner, an MD and proponent of the flu vaccine, wrote a poem in 2013 called “Myth Dispelled” that was published in JAMA magazine in 2013. This poem used words such as “the Evil One” to describe the flu and this stanza to portray the giving of the vaccine:

“in a white-coated ceremony

presided over by

my medical assistant

and then mark the grave

with a temporary

non-stick headstone,”

He very solemnly and ceremoniously stands behind a vaccine that has been proven to be ineffective by many trials. Though the words are beautiful and the imagery slated in meaning, the facts that follow this announcement of the decimation of the “Evil One” do not speak the truth.

The New York Times published an article preceding the publication of this poem pronouncing the ineffective nature of the flu vaccine. The article reads as follows:

“Last month, in a step tantamount to heresy in the public health world, scientist at the Center for Infectious Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota released a report saying that influenza vaccinations provide only modest protections for healthy young adults, and little if any for those 65 and older who are most likely to succumb to the illness or its complications.”

Tomorrow, we will look at the risk you take when you get the flu vaccine and its many side effects.

*Reassessing the Flu Shot as the Season Draws Near, Nov. 5 2012

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