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Homeopathic remedies (there are currently over 2,000 remedies) are made from a variety of substances from either the plant, animal, or mineral kingdom. Most of the original remedies that were proven in the days of Hahnemann came from substances that were used medicinally, like mercury, arsenic, and belladonna. Other unusual remedies like those made from various snake or insect venoms were added later. What homeopaths found was that very often it was the more toxic substances, which when diluted and potentized into a homeopathic remedy, often worked very deeply to bring about cures.

One such unusual homeopathic remedy, gunpowder, has proven very effective in treating abcesses and wounds that refuse to heal. Homeopathic physician Richard Moskowitz, MD, DHt shared the following case. “Almost thirty years after a radical mastectomy for breast cancer, a 70-year-old woman came in seeking remedies to help her close an open, draining wound in her chest. The sore had become a sizeable fistula, oozing a bloody, mucopurulent discharge and requiring constant attention.

“For three years, I tried every remedy I could think of … but none of them had the slightest effect on her. About a year ago, I gave her Gunpowder 30c, daily for a few weeks, and the fistula closed over and stopped draining, the scab fell off, and the wound remained clean and dry for the first time in three years.”

It is when the body is unable to complete the healing process on its on that homeopathic remedies are invaluable.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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