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I remember my pre-med studies at BYU as exhilarating yet stressful- especially when it came to for testing. For a pre-med student his GPA was the most important factor that medical schools used in determining whether it was worthwhile inviting you come out for an interview. As chemistry was my hardest course I had quit a bit of stress before each of those exams. The stress level was so much that without fail, once the chemistry exam was over, I would begin to get a sore throat.

My test taking experience is not exceptional as many student have difficulty taking tests or giving a presentation. If I had known about homeopathy back then I could have taken a remedy to lessen the stress. There are two remedies that can help students in these situations.

Argentum nitricum This remedy is called the “what if” remedy because the person needing it is typically so full of anxiety and worry about upcoming tests, auditions, or presentations that they always anticipate the worst. The student excitedly hurries around in a constant state of worry, which may lead to diarrhea.

Gelsemium This remedy addresses symptoms like trembling, weakness, diarrhea, or urgency to urinate before the dreaded event. It is particularly useful for stage fright. The person feels weak, forgetful, dull, sweaty, and has no thirst. The student loses sleep from anticipation and fears failing tests.

When using these remedies it is best to use a 30x or 30c potency. Dissolve a few pellets under the tongue as needed every 15-30 minutes. It will make a difference.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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