Should I Have A Stent Put In?

Patients who find out that they have atherosclerosis of their coronary arteries are often confronted with the decision of whether of not to either have by-pass surgery or have a stent placed, or have chelation therapy. My advice to them is if their cardiologist does not feel that their condition is life threatening then they are better off receiving chelation first.

What most people do not realize is that a cardiologist can only place a stent in 2 feet of their arteries. The human body has a total of 60,000 miles of arteries. If there is plaque formation in the 2 feet of coronary arteries then it is very likely that plaque can be found elsewhere in the 60,000 miles of arteries. Chelation therapy benefits the whole arterial system not just that of the heart. Placement of a stent costs approximately $15,000 whereas a series of 20 chelation treatments cost $2,000.

Another factor to consider with stents is that their rate of becoming obstructed ranges from 20-60% depending on the patient’s risk factor.

For more information on chelation please refer to our “services offered” section.

Terry Pfau,DO, HMD

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