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relationship with food

How is your relationship with food?

There is no “one size fits all” food plan when it comes to your relationships with food. Each person is unique when it comes to nutritional needs, goals, metabolic and blood types, cultures and diet history. When I meet with clients, I carefully take these things and more into account, including digestive function, blood sugar and hormonal health before developing a program based on individual needs.

Listen to others food relationship

One of the most valuable things I do in my practice is take the time to intently listen to each of my clients’ needs especially their relationship with food. Unfortunately, the traditional model for nutritional therapy does not always encourage a space for truly understanding the person as a whole. I often have clients referred to me who have only spoken to other practitioners for about ten to fifteen minutes, hardly enough time to gather a complete picture of the individual.

Adherence and success go hand in hand. I strive to put together programs that will not only be effective, but also not be overly complex to help my clients stay consistent in their relationship with food. Seeing results, achieving goals and feeling great while on the way are extremely important success factors when working to improve overall mental and physical health.

Connections with our relationship with food?

It is important to recognize that nutrition and food in general should be a joyful thing in our lives. The ingredients serves as both fuel and nourishment for the body. However, it also provides connections with our relationships with food. It connects us to those we love and preparing our own nutrient-dense meals connects us to our bodies and minds. Most importantly, food provides a connection to the positive feelings we experience when we treat our bodies and minds with love and respect. The meals are powerful medicine that we can use each day to give our bodies energy, pleasure and healing, so it is imperative to establish a positive relationship. If you or a loved one are interested in improving your relationship with food, I am always here to help. Please call the front desk at Renaissance Health Centre to schedule an appointment today!

Faith Haugh

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