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This entry applies to men only so if you are a woman you might want to skip to the next day’s entry.

In the previous day’s entry, I talked about the benefits that men derive from intercourse. So the big question on most men’s mind is how can I get enough sex to be healthy. Right? Well, a German magazine did a study questioning 2,253 men on what make of car they drove and how often they have sex. Here are the results: men that drove BMW had sex 2.2 times/wk. Audi 2.1/wk. VW’s 1.9/wk.. Japanese 1.8/wk. Ford 1.7/wk. Swedish 1.6/wk. Korean 1.5/wk. And surprisingly at the bottom of the list Porsche 1.2/wk.

Now I drive a BMW but it is not happening that often for me. So I question the validity of this study. But then maybe it is because the BMW I drive is 8 years old. Just a word of advice to men, if you buy a BMW make sure it’s a new model. One other comment, when you see that guy pass you in that sporty Porsche don’t be envious just be sorry for him.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD