I Bought the Same Present Twice

“I am having problem with memory”, were the first words out of Jessica’s mouth. She was just 42 years old and was worried that she was suffering from early Alzheimer’s disease. Which was a valid concern as both her grandmothers had Alzheimer’s. Her problem started 2 years ago and has been getting worse.

She says, “I can see the word in my mind but cannot say it. I will forget what I told some just an hour earlier. I’ll be listening and even when concentrating will have a hard time remember. Or will forget that met someone before. I forgot that I bought a Christmas present and bought the exact same present again. It is worse night.”

Along with the memory loss, Jessica also had significant fatigue. She was treated with a constitutional homeopathic remedy and acupuncture. Within 3 weeks of starting treatment, her symptoms were 80% improved. And when she returned for a two-month follow-up she felt her memory and energy were at their peak.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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