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In-House Compounding of Bio-Identical Hormones

We are proud to announce that our facility, Renaissance Health Centre, is approved by the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy to dispense compounded hormones and other medications.  We have been fortunate to have Consultant Pharmacist, Daniel Gelber, Pharm.D., as an advisor.  He was instrumental in setting-up compounding pharmacies in the greater Los Angeles area and Beverly Hills.  Sima Madaryan, a registered pharmacy technician, is responsible for the actual compounding of the hormones.

Because we are able to dispense compounded medications, we can better service the individual needs of our patients while ensuring that only the highest quality hormones and carriers are used in the compounding process.  In addition, we are able to not only provide less expensive hormones but also save our patients shipping fees because their prescriptions can be picked up at our office.

Why use compounded hormones?

One of the primary benefits of using compounded hormones is that a patient is not limited to the commercially available dosages, strengths, and forms; instead, compounded prescriptions can be changed to different formulations that may be more efficient or easier to administer. For example, if a patient has difficulty swallowing pills, the physicians at Renaissance can formulate the medication or hormone(s) as a cream or gel. Or, for sensitive patients who require preservative-free or allergen-free prescriptions, we can meet these needs by preparing prescriptions accordingly.

Dr. David Brownstein, an advocate of compounded prescriptions, points out in a special report in Integrative Medicine that patients need individualized doses of hormones. “Pharmaceutical companies want us to believe that everybody needs the same dose of all medications,” he writes. “In truth, everyone has a unique biochemical thumbprint; we don’t all need the same dose of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, or even the same amounts of nutrients in foods.”

For optimal hormone treatment, a practitioner can fine-tune or modify the dose or prescription of a compounded BHT as an individual’s hormonal needs change, or match an individual’s preferences and absorption abilities.

Compounded bioidentical hormone therapy has significantly improved the lives of many people who suffer from symptoms related to a hormone imbalance.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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