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Insomnia Part 3 of 3

Insomnia Woman

Insomnia Part 3 of 3

3. Copper/, Zinc/ and Ceruloplasmin imbalance.  Several years ago, I attended a conference hosted by Dr. Walsh in which he presented his experience in treating thousands of patients with anxiety, ADD, and insomnia along with a long list of other common symptoms.  His studies focused, among other things, on looking at the balance of copper, zinc and ceruloplasmin.

Over the years I have found that some patients experiencing anxiety and insomnia did not respond to the above therapies nor other natural approaches.  What I found when implementing Dr. Walsh’s approach is that this was the missing puzzle piece to solving their symptoms.  Let me give you a case of one patient.

Sue who is in her mid 50’s had been seeing me for a lifelong issues with insomnia, lower extremity pain and joint pain.  With acupuncture and homeopathy, she saw significant improvement with her joint pain and leg pain but no change with her tendency to wake up throughout the night.  She found that the only thing that helped was a tincture combination of THC/CBC.

Suspecting that she might have an imbalance in her copper, zinc and ceruloplasmin I tested her levels.  The results showed quite a significant imbalance in all three levels.    This past April she began taking 2 supplements to raise her zinc, lower her copper and increase the ceruloplasmin.

Now most patients notice significant improvement within 1-2 months but because her blood type was A I told her it would take 3-4 times longer to see improvement.  About 4 months into treatment she reported the following: “I’m doing so much better.  I’m sleeping and have even started dreaming.  Sleeping 4-5 hours in a row.  When I do wake up I roll over and go right back to sleep.  Before this I would catch an hour of sleep at a time.  This is a huge improvement.  I am also noticing that my joint pains are better.  I am able to stand up in the morning and walk without without limping from the joint pain.”

I have found that the above three treatment modalities will cure most problems of insomnia.  For patients that have had 10 to 20 years of insomnia and have been on one to two sleep medications during this time their prognosis unfortunately is not as good.

The sooner we can treat any medical condition the easier it is for the body to heal.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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