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IV Vitamins For Hay fever

Over the years I have had literally hundreds of patients suffering from hay fever receive significant benefit from either large dose of vitamin C given intravenously or what is known as Myers Cocktail. The vitamin C is well known for its antihistamine activity and when 50,000mg is given intravenously the results are often amazing. In regards to the Myers Cocktail, it consists of vitamins C plus dexpanthenol which supports the adrenals, niacinamide, which inhibits mast cell degranulation and magnesium which is helpful in treating allergic rhinitis.


Often time results are immediate. Patients have come in with marked sinus congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing and by the time they leave they are 70-80% improved.


Long term I always recommend that the patient be treated with a constitutional remedy as I have found this is the best way to actually cure the allergies so that they don’t have to suffer year-after-year.


Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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