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Keeping An Open Mind

Alan, a patient of mine who had debilitating arthritis told an extraordinary story of his experience with a rheumatologist. In between his first and second visit with the rheumatologist he had seen a chiropractor who had recommended that he try the Gerson Therapy. Trying something natural like this made sense to him and offered a hope of cure – something the rheumatologist could not give him.

When he sat down with the rheumatologist to review his progress and side effects he was experiencing with the medication the doctor suggested trying a different medication. At this point Alan told his doctor that he was thinking of trying something more natural. In Alan’s words, “Immediately, the doctor’s mood changed drastically. He crossed his arms and gave me an angry look, and said that a doctor of chiropractic is not a medical doctor, and doesn’t have the proper training. After the doctor hemmed and hawed about how he was expertly trained and that his way was the best way, I was finally able to mention Dr. Gerson and his natural approach. The doctor quickly stood up and said, ‘Natural way, that is quackery!’ I told him that it made sense to me, and at this point I had nothing to lose and wanted to give it a try anyway. Instantly the doctor rushed out of the room and left me sitting there alone. I sat there for at least twenty minutes, and then I started to get worried. I got dressed and went out to the nurse to find out what happened. She told me that the doctor was finished with me, and she had me sign some papers and that was it.”

Well, Alan went on to pursue natural therapies for his arthritis including homeopathy and was cured. For his complete story read his book Stop Arthritis by Alan Schlines.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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