Lichens Sclerosis/Lichens Planus


Lichens Sclerosis/Lichens Planus

Patricia who is in her mid-70’s had been to her gynecologist and several dermatologists looking for help with her lichens sclerosis in the vulvar area and lichens planus lesion in her mouth.  All that she was offered was topical steroids which gave only slight relief.  The lesions in the vulvar area caused a significant amount of pain with intercourse and occasionally would bleed.

These types of lesions are considered to be related to an autoimmune process that is resistant to conventional therapy.  At Renaissance Health Centre we have found that a combination of low dose naltrexone (LDN) and a topical combination of bio-identical estriol/testosterone will resolve these lesions within 30 days.

On Patricia’s return visit one month later she was elated to report that not only were her vulvar lesions not causing any problems but that her oral lesions were going away.

More often than not complimentary/alternative therapies will stimulate healing of most dermatological complaints without the side effects that are associated with conventional therapies.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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