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Revealed Secret #3

Rabbi Mosche Ben Maimon one of the most influential Jewish physicians and philosopher who lived at the time of the Persian empire in the 12th century AD wrote what he felt were the most important factors pertaining to our health. His third point is quoted below. If the illness is stronger than the patient there is no hope of saving him. And the physician is of no benefit at all. If a patient is stronger than the illness he has no need of a physician as nature will cure him anyway. If the strength of the illness is equal to the patient then he will need a physician. Although the truthfulness of this statement is obvious we as doctors often forget what our basic role is to strengthen the patient to overcome the disease. Almost a year ago I saw a 5 year old boy that had been sick for 2 weeks with vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. His parents were concerned that he was not getting better despite allopathic treatment. As Rabbi Maimon stated, the strength of the illness was equal to the patient and so his immune system was not able to overcome it. The boy was given several doses of homeopathic Sulphur which stimulated his immune system enough to kick the illness out completely within 24 hours. His parents who were amazed at how quickly homeopathy had worked. Tomorrow I will present another more chronic case that demonstrates the same principle.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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