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Still Learning

I found medical school interesting and loved learning. I especially loved physiology as we learned the intricacies of how the body functions in health. However, the real learning starts when a physician begins to see patients. As the time approached for my internship I was apprehensive and even a little bit scared. When I found out that I would be starting my internship covering the emergency room at night I was even more anxious. I can remember the first couple of weeks praying that I would not have any patients with life-threatening problems walk in the door as I was the only physician on staff and did not want to be responsible for saving someone’s life. Fortunately, my prayers were answered. I made it through that first month of ER without killing anyone and my confidence and knowledge as a physician grew.

Twenty-two years later I find that I still love to learn about the human body and I am still learning from my patients on a daily basis.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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