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The relation between cell phone towers and cancer

Towers of Doom

Could exposure to radiation from cell phone towers really responsible for over 7,000 cancer deaths? According to research findings from Brazil, the facts speak for themselves. The study established a direct link between cancer deaths in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s third largest city, with the cell phone network.

Over 80 percent of those who succumbed to certain types of cancer resided approximately a third of a mile away from one of the hundreds of cell phone antennae that populate the city.

These cancers, primarily found in the prostate, breasts, lungs, kidneys, liver, are the ones associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

In England Orange mobile phone company agreed to remove its cell phone mast — dubbed the “Tower of Doom” — from the top of a five-story London apartment building after seven of its residents got cancer.

The cancer rate among those living on the top floor, where residents from five of the eight flats were affected, is 20 percent — 10 times the national average.

Rate of cancer mortality vs. distance [meters] from base stations

Most people don’t realize that as much as 90% of all cancer deaths are caused by metastasis, which is the result of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs).   Standard  CTs and MRIs can only detect tumors larger than 5mm.  Yet it is well accepted that tumors larger than 1-2mm have the ability to migrated into the circulatory system and this migration increases the chances of metastasis.

Unfortunately, cancer therapy does  not targeted for CTCs and as a result treatment is less likely to result in remission-cure.

The testing lab RGCC, which is based in Switzerland, has pioneered a technique that can isolate out of the patient’s blood the CTCs.  They have taken it one step further and  developed an individualized  ‘vaccine’ treatment that  can help the body lower the CTCs.

At  Renaissance Health Centre we are able to offer the breakthrough testing and treatment to our patients.



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