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Vaccine Skepticism

Parents who are concerned about vaccinating their infants and toddlers often meet with ridicule and shame from their pediatrician.  They are frequently portrayed in the media as being misinformed.  But usually, the opposite is true as was demonstrated by a new study.


A survey on the views of 66,000 people in 67 countries on the safety of vaccines showed Europe is the world center for vaccine skepticism.   People in France showed the least confidence, with 41% disagreeing that vaccines are safe.    Those disagreeing in the US was 14% and 9% in the UK.  Just 1% of people in Bangladesh expressed doubts.


It is my opinion that the truth about the dangers of childhood vaccines will continue to spread as parents become informed.   This will result in a change in public opinion that will ultimately bring about needed changes in our current vaccine program.


Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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