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Chelation, Part 1: What It Is and Where It Came From

Chelation therapy was originally created to remove heavy metals from the body following acute heavy metal exposure. In natural medicine, chelation is used to treat other conditions such as heart disease and emphysema and therefore, is sometimes considered controversial. The first part of this series discusses what chelation is and how it was accidentally found …

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Is Your Fatigue Actually Depression in Disguise?

When someone says, “I’m tired”, it doesn’t always mean that the person lacks sleep or is exhausted from strenuous, physical activity. Depression and fatigue share many of the same symptoms. Some patients who suffer from depression report fatigue, or simply mention “feeling tired” because they do not recognize these symptoms as signs of depression. In …

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Stress and Insomnia Contribute to Cancer

It has always been assumed that stress affects cancer because of its influence on the immune system.   This is partly true.  What most people don’t recognize is that stress contributes to, diabetes and visceral obesity both of which significantly contribute to cancer.   Anyone with diabetes can tell you that when they get stressed out their …

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One Doctor’s Personal Experience with Oxytocin

I receive in the mail yesterday a letter from a fellow physician relating his personal experience with oxytocin.   He started taking it to check the known effects of the hormone on sexual activities and any possible side effects.   He writes, “Surprisingly, something completely different happened.  The intake of oxytocin gradually changed my perception of …

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Vaccines vs Autism

Scoreboard: Autism: 1,082,353. Measles: 644 In 2014, there was hysteria surrounding the 644 cases of measles that were recorded as a result of the Disney outbreak. In that same year, there were 1,082,353 cases of autism diagnosed yet it barely received the media attention it so justly deserves. Instead, there is a virtual “feeding frenzy” …

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Cure for Alcoholism

The Sinclair method for de-addiction to alcohol and other addictions can be found in the book The Cure for Alcoholism.   Briefly, alcoholics enforce their habitual drinking by their body’s production of endorphins with each drink of alcohol.    Before one developed an alcoholic habit, there is a limited stimulation of opioid receptors by drinking alcohol.  As …

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Vaccine Skepticism

Parents who are concerned about vaccinating their infants and toddlers often meet with ridicule and shame from their pediatrician.  They are frequently portrayed in the media as being misinformed.  But usually, the opposite is true as was demonstrated by a new study.   A survey on the views of 66,000 people in 67 countries on …

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