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What to Eat For Less Smelly Flatus

If you are self-conscious about the odor of your gas then eat more bananas.  A team or researchers (I don’t envy their job) in Australia experimented with human feces to discover which foods make a person’s gas smell better.


What they found was cysteine – a component of meat, dairy and other types of protein- causes a  seven-fold increase in the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas – which smells like rotten eggs – that was released by the gut bacteria in the feces.


But resistant starch, found in potatoes, bananas, legumes and  fructans , which are found in wheat, artichokes and asparagus, reduced hydrogen sulfide by about 75%.


Another trick in reducing the smell of gas is to take ginger.   This is available in capsule form.


Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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