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Why Choose Chelation Therapy

There is a safe and effective alternative to bypass surgery for atherosclerosis.  Clinical benefits from chelation therapy vary with the total number of treatments received and with severity of the condition being treated.  More than 75% of patients treated have shown significant improvement from chelation therapy.  Symptoms improve, blood flow to diseased organs increases, need for medication decreases and, most importantly, the quality of life improves.

How does it work?

The amino acid EDTA is infused into the bloodstream where it travels through the blood vessels and removes toxic heavy metals and deposits of calcium that help form plaque.   As the level of plaque decreases, more blood can flow to the heart and body.  Often times the results can be dramatic.   I have seen patients come in with 100% blockage of the carotid artery and following a series of treatment repeat Doppler exam has shown no blockage.

What proof do you have that it works?

Physicians with extensive experience in the use of chelation therapy observe dramatic improvement in the vast majority of their patients.  They see angina routinely relieved, patients who suffered searing chest pains when walking only a short distance are frequently able to return to normal, productive living after undergoing chelation.  Far more dramatic, but equally common, is seeing diabetic ulcers and gangrenous feet heal.

In addition, to over 50 years of clinical experience there is growing scientific evidence concerning the health benefits of chelation therapy.  The recent completion of the HIH (National Institute  of Health) funded TACT trial found that the benefit of chelation plus vitamins compared to placebo is statistically significant and of a magnitude sufficient to be clinically important.

Those with diabetes demonstrated a 41% overall reduction of any cardiovascular event;  40% reduced risk for death from heart disease, nonfatal stroke or nonfatal heart attack; a 52% reduction in recurrent heart attacks; and 43% reduction in death from any cause.

According to Gervasio Lamas, one of the researchers and chief of cardiology at Mt Sinai Medical School: “These are striking results that …could point the way toward new treatments to prevent complications of diabetes.”

In summary

Chelation has saved countless lives by eliminating the need for heart surgery and preventing amputations.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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