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Why Prince Did Not Need to Die

Autopsy of Prince found that he died from an overdose of the powerful pain killer fentanyl.


He is one of over 15,000 people that die each year from an overdose of prescribed narcotics.  Prince’s chronic  pain following hip surgery required the use of Percocet.   As with all pain medications over time it became ineffective resulting in him having to take fentanyl.   He was one of 33% that needlessly suffer from pain.


Most physicians have very little training in how to treat the underlying cause.  Musculoskeletal pain is like the heat indicator light on or car’s dash board  it indicates that there is something deeper that needs to be treated.


As an Osteopath I received extensive training in recognizing and treating musculoskeletal problems using specific manipulative therapies.   Once receiving my degree I went on to learn many other therapies that are effective in dramatically reducing or eliminating chronic pain.  One such therapy was Travell trigger point injections.   Dr. Janet Travell who was the White House physician to President Kennedy and Johnson found that by injecting specific trigger points in muscles with procaine, she could often provide permanent relief from muscular pain.


Other therapies that I have found that are equally effective are  prolotherapy/prolozone, acupuncture, PENS, homeopathy and frequency specific micro-current.   You can learn more of these specific therapies by going to  my website iwholehealth.com.


In addition, to the above therapies it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of exercise.  Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle that makes us to be more prone to injury and structural misalignment.  I have found Pilates to be invaluable  in relieving all types of musculoskeletal pain.  Yoga can also be of benefit.  These form of exercise take time but will increase your overall health  for years to come.


Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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