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A Mother’s Detective Work

A Mother’s Detective Work

For the last year and a half,  2 year old Aedan, has had almost constant sinus congestion and recurring bouts of ear infections.  His parents were concerned about having him on antibiotic every month and anti-histamines so they had ear tubes put in.   Unfortunately, this did little to cure the problem.   

Out of desperation, the mother started doing some investigative work on the internet to see if she could not find the cause.   When she came across an article about mold exposure causing these type of symptoms she instinctively knew this was the problem.

She came to our office looking for an alternative and more effective approach to treating Aedan. After listening to all of Aedan’s symptoms  I agreed with the mother that it is possible that he has a fungal sinus infection. When we tested their home for fungus all the rooms were clean except the bedroom. It had over  9 fungal colony counts/plate. Normal is  3 or less.    

Aedan was started on several anti-fungal nasal sprays, and the mother was referred to a mold remediation company in Colorado that uses non-toxic grapefruit seed extract to kill the fungus in the home. In just 4 months of starting the treatment  Aedan gain 4 lbs. grew 2 inches, his energy increased and he started sleeping through the night.   

His father who was having unexplained bouts of dizziness found that his symptoms went away once the home was treated.  

Mold toxicity can result in a  wide range of symptoms that may encompass emotional, cognitive, and physical symptoms.  Because physicians receive very little if any training in this area they often will not recognize mycotoxicity which leads to the patient going to one specialist after another seeking help.   

 At the Renaissance Health Centre, we have doctors that have done post graduate training in testing and treating patients that are suffering from mold toxicity.

Terry Pfau  DO, HMD 


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