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After Five Heart Attacks

We all know from our school years that vitamin C prevents scurvy but probably the most important effect of chronic deficiency of vitamin C is heart disease of cardiovascular disease. As first proposed by the Canadian medical doctor and researcher G.C. Willis in the 1950s, and later verified by Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath in 1989 and, most recently, by a literature review by Thomas Levy, this condition is primarily attributable to low vitamin C. Vitamin C is required in the manufacture of the protein collagen. Collagen provides strength and structural integrity to tissues including blood vessels. Human compensate for their vitamin C deficiency by creating plaque in the arteries thus leading to cardiovascular disease.

The following story demonstrates the vital role vitamin C plays in preventing and curing cardiovascular disease:

This information comes from The Vitamin C Foundation.

“I discovered, or rediscovered what Linus Pauling had to say about heart disease. I have already five heart operations, including a quad bypass and various stent operations. I suffered the last heart attack (my fourth) and went through another heart operation (my fifth) in December of 2003. Last October of 2005, I did intensive research to discover what I could do to stay alive. I was having chest pain, and I realized I was over due for another heart attack and operation. .I read all of Linus Pauling’s books. I was very impressed. By following Pauling’s recommendations my chest pain is gone. I have not felt this good in over twelve years and now consider Linus Pauling to be the greatest most significant scientist of this era.” ~ Richard

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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