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Anxiety  Triggered by Copper/Zinc Imbalance

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Anxiety  Triggered by Copper/Zinc Imbalance

Heather who is in her early 30’s has always had some level of anxiety and fear.  But as children came into the picture it progressively worsened.  I had treated her with bio identical hormones, acupuncture and homeopathy with partial success.

She describes herself as “having a high level of anxiety.  Almost every night around 2:00 or 3:00 I startle awake and my mind starts racing about things.  In the morning  I wake up fearful, worried and overwhelmed.  Everything seems bigger than it really is.  I just feel afraid.  The fires in Santa Rosa and Paradise have shaken my safety.  The world is not a safe place.”

This constant state of anxiety over the years resulted in fatigue, headaches, and weight gain.

After taking the Walsh Institute course for physicians I had a strong suspicion that Heather would be a candidate for this approach.  On testing her copper and zinc I found that her Free Copper was 29% (10% optimal) and her Free Copper Index was 33 (5-15 normal).

After just 6 weeks of treating this imbalance Heather reported the following:

“I am feeling really good.  I’ve lost 25 lbs. [due to less cortisol production triggered by stress].  I had been trying to lose weight ever since my last child was born 12 years ago.  I have better energy.  In fact I worked out 50 days straight.  I will have pangs of anxiety but not constant like when things were super stressful.  Once I am asleep I stay asleep whereas before I was constantly tossing and turning.  My anger and impatience has also improved about 40%.  Before I would go from 0 – 100 at a drop of a hat.  The morning nausea that I always had is gone and my obsessive thoughts are 50% better.  And my headaches are so much better.”

When using the Walsh approach in balancing the copper zinc levels most patients find that within 3 months their symptoms are 80-90% improved.  Dr. Walsh with his tireless research has treated thousands of patients suffering from emotional disorders.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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