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Pediatric OCD and Homeopathic Treatment

pediatric ocd

Pediatric OCD and Homeopathic Treatment

Symptoms of OCD in a child will vary often depending on their age.  Some of the most common obsessive symptoms are:

  • An extreme obsession with dirt or germs
  • Repeated doubts, such as whether or not the door is locked
  • Long periods of time spent touching things, counting, and thinking about numbers and sequences
  • Preoccupation with order, symmetry, or exactness
  • Too much attention to detail
  • Too much worrying about something bad occurring

Compulsive behaviors are the repetitive rituals used to ease anxiety caused by the obsessions.  They can be excessive, disruptive, and time-consuming.  They may include:

  • Repeated hand washing (often 100 or more times a day)
  • Checking and rechecking many times, such as making sure that a door is locked
  • Following firm rules of order, such as putting on clothes in the very same order each day
  • Grouping objects or putting things in a certain order
  • Asking the same questions again and again
  • Repeating sounds, words, numbers, or music to oneself

Conventional medical treatment for OCD usually involves the use of psychotropic medication and psychotherapy.

Homeopathy on the other hand offers a more effective approach in curing OCD.

Jacob who was 12 found that his neatness had transitioned to OCD when he began to be upset if the bathroom was not perfect and his books lined up.  He describes, “Having compartments in my brain where I made lists which could never be completed.  When I do stuff my head does not confirm that those things are done.  For example I have to repeatedly check to see if the lid was screwed on tight.  Or when I make my bed my brain says that it is not perfect.  Or I find myself checking several times to make sure the door is locked.”

It should also be mentioned that every 3-4 months he was getting strep throat and recurring headaches.

After taking all of Jacob’s symptoms and personality into consideration he was prescribed Natrum carbonicum.  Within 6 weeks he found he did not have the need to organize as much.  And once he completed something he could let it go.  Before it would stick with him and he would have to ‘clear the mind’.

Within a year and half his symptoms were all but gone, he no longer experienced headaches, and had not had a strep infection.

When we treat homeopathically our goal is to cure – that is to be symptom free without any further need to take a homeopathic remedy.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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