Don't have your wisdom teeth removed

Avoiding Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Weston Price, DDS, who wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, was a dentist who took tours in the 20’s and 30’s to primitive areas. What he found was on every continent where the native people were still following the native diet they were free of diseases of civilization. The diseases that did no exist were diabetes, heart disease, most cancers, and hypertension,

He was able to capture and photograph families in transition from their native diets to the European diet. He photographed one such family in the outback of a Mother and Father and 9 kids all showing off their dental arches. The parents and first 4 kids who were conceived when they ate the native diet while living out in the bushes in Australia all had broad dental arches with no crowding of teeth and room for the wisdom teeth to come in. The last four were conceived and born while they were living in town eating European diet. The middle child was a transition child. The fifth child had a more narrow arch and the last four kids narrow arches with terrible dentition.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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