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Cancer Survival Rates

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Cancer Survival RatesGenerally, the most useful measure of cancer survival is 5-year disease-free survival.  Often a patient who lives 5 years without a sign of the original cancer is truly cured.  However, some patients will experience a reoccurrence later in life.

Individual survival is NOT predictable with much accuracy.  No one on this Earth can really say with certainty how long a patient will survive.  It is quite common to see patients experience increased life and quality of life with the use of natural medicine integrated into conventional medical care.

In addition, there is always hope of a miracle by Divine intervention, luck, or whatever you can find to believe in.  I have patients that have gone 8 + years of being tumor free following diagnosis of a stage IV cancer and  having failed chemo, radiation and surgery.  Do not ever give up!  A wise man once said, “Fear is faith in evil”.

Quality of life may be severely diminished by medical oncology.  When integrative natural medicine is combined with conventional therapies, I have found that there is reduced harm and an increase in successful treatment outcomes.

Allopathic medicine has been fairly successful in treating leukemias and lymphomas and skin cancer.  Localized cancers are typically 50-80% curable.  Spread into regional lymph nodes is a sign of more aggressive disease with often less than 50% survival.  Distant metastases are even more difficult to cure but effective palliative care can increase the length and quality of survival.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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