Cancer Treatment

Cancer Survival Rates

Cancer Survival RatesGenerally, the most useful measure of cancer survival is 5-year disease-free survival.  Often a patient who lives 5 years without a sign of the original cancer is truly cured.  However, some patients will experience a reoccurrence later in life. Individual survival is NOT predictable with much accuracy.  No one on this Earth can …

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Fenbendazole vs. Cancer

Fenbendazole (FBZ), is a well-known anti-helminthic drug.   It is commonly prescribed to treat a range of parasitical worm infections, including threadworm tapeworms, roundworms, and other nematode infections in humans and domestic animals.  FBZ has anti-cancer properties that have been elucidated in a broad range of pre-clinical studies with a number of different cancer types. Pre-clinical studies of …

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