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Common Homeopathic Remedies for Fevers

The following are common homeopathic remedies for treating fevers.


  • Sudden rapid onset especially when brought on by exposure to cold weather
  • Restless, anxious with fear of death “I feel like I’m dying”
  • Compare:
  1. Arsenicum alb  is also thirsty, chills with red hot face, restless, anxious but  aconite is more robust,  Arseniucm more prostrated
  2. Belladonna – heat and suddenness



  • Sudden hi fever like aconite, rarely for a fever that’s several days old
  • Dry usually no perspiration, thirstless usually
  • Eyes glisten (glazed)
  • Desires lemonade
  • Commonly peaks 3pm


Arsenisum album

  • Body chilly, as if blood were ice water, burning pains, improved with warmth; head, face hot, improved with cool applications.
  • Thirst for sips often; wants hot drinks esp during chill
  • Wants company around
  • First restless; then prostrate; then alternates



  • Real lethargic, looks seriously ill
  • Offensive whole room smells putrid from him (breath, persp, diarrhea



  • Slower onset
  • Irritable; desire to be left alone
  • Commonly used for flus with body aches, pleurisy, bronchitis
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