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Food Cravings, particularly if strong, are viewed by the homeopath as a sign of imbalance in the body. As part of a homeopathic evaluation I will routinely ask the patient if they have any strong food cravings. The stronger and more unique the craving the more likely it will guide me in selecting the right remedy for the patient. These cravings can range from common things like milk , fat or ice to uncommon items like chalk, or dirt.

I remember when I first starting practicing classical homeopathy nearly 20 years ago I had a middle age woman seeking help for her chronic sinusitis. In the process of the interview she commented on how she had to have strawberries every day. This craving was so strong that she would travel to various grocery stores looking for the best strawberries. Those who have strong cravings become connoisseurs of that particular food item. Upon searching the homeopathic repertory ( a book that lists all possible symptoms a patient can experience and the remedies used to cure those symptoms) I found that the homeopathic remedy Oxalic acid not only treated this craving but also covered her chronic sinus symptoms. Within a month of taking the remedy not only did her craving for strawberries disappear but her sinus symptoms which she has had for years were gone.

Just last week I had another woman who had been suffering from the stomach flu for two weeks. When she volunteered that she started to crave pickles at the same time she became ill I felt confident that the remedy Magnesium carbonicum was what her body needed to heal itself. Within 24 hours of taking the remedy she was 90% better

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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