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Crown of Thorns for Traumatic Brain Injury

For most, the term crown of thorn will trigger the image of Christ on the cross with a woven crown of thorns. However, there is a neural therapy known as ‘crown of thorn’ that is very effective in treating traumatic brain injury (TBI). Rachel, a mother of 3 teenagers, was working with one of her …

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Allopathic Medicine and Probiotic Use

I recently attended an osteopathic conference where I was surprised to hear an internist from New York City comment on how pediatricians are routinely prescribing probiotics for children with digestive problems. Just last year the medical journal Pediatrics reviewed a study in which probiotics( Lactobacillus reuteri) were compared to simithicone (an anti-gas medication) in alleviating …

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Jordan is a typical 3 year old with the exception of a disfiguring eruption one his face and head. His parents had taken him to several dermatologist who diagnosed him as having psoriasis a chronic often progressive skin disorder that is difficult to treat with conventional medications. Jordan was prescribed the usual topical steroids but …

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