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Erica Soria, ND

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Dr. Erica Soria, ND is an accomplished Naturopathic Doctor, with in-depth expertise in homeopathy and the treatment of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. She has helped countless individuals discover the root cause of their disease, while empowering them on their healing journey by creating individualized treatment plans for each patient. Dr. Soria has inspired her patients to implement transformational changes utilizing homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, botanicals, supplements, IV therapy, hydrotherapy, and more to address the true root of problems. Passionate about mental health, autoimmune disease, women’s health and motivating positive change in the lives of others, Dr. Soria has worked with an extremely diverse population to develop unique, successful treatment plans that drive transformational healing.

Dr. Soria graduated with her doctorate from Bastyr University, a pioneer in science-based medicine and an accredited natural health school, now recognized as the leading health arts and sciences university in the world. The Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program develops leaders such as Dr. Soria, in the evolving field of natural medicine, is internationally renowned for its rigorous curriculum, comprehensive clinical training, and groundbreaking research. Prior to obtaining her doctorate, Dr. Soria graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University, providing her with a strong foundation in nutrition, health, and science. Throughout her education, she completed over 400 hours of clinical rotations in Homeopathy, 200 hours more than required, making her a subject matter expert. Her deep passion for the subject, as well as for her patients, make her a trusted resource and excellent support system.

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