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Dysmenorrhea (dys/difficult + men/month +rhein/to flow)

It is not uncommon when I am taking the medical history of a woman for her to deny any other problems than what she has written down on the intake form. However, in the process of doing a review of systems I will ask what her periods are like. The initial response is “it’s fine”. But on further questioning about symptoms of cramps either before or during the menses she will invariably respond “yes, but I have had them my whole life”.

Because we have had symptoms our whole life we often assume that it is normal. Although most women suffer from menstrual cramps it is not normal. Many women know when their period is about to start because of these cramps. It is only after they have been treated that they will comment – ” I did not even know my period was going to start”.

Tracy was only 9 years old when she began experiencing “really bad cramps ” that would literally make her cry and cause her to miss at least one day of school each month. The doctors wanted to put her on birth control pills but her mom resisted. Traci who is now 16 years old also complains of being nauseated every morning and constipated.

After just a month of being treated with a constitutional homeopathic remedy, Sepia, and 4 acupuncture treatments her next period in her words was “…amazing. I had very little pain.” And because the treatment looks at the whole person her morning nausea and constipation also resolved.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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