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Heavy Metals and Alzheimer’s

I recently attended a conference where Yoshiaki Omura, MD presented his Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. This is a unique and reliable testing technique that allow the physician to detect underlying infections, heavy metals and other substances that can cause chronic illnesses. With the same testing the optimum dose of the optimum medicine can also be tested.

In his testing he has found that asbestos can be a main contributing cause to Alzheimer’s disease. In children Dr. Omura feels that the toxic asbestos is a contributing factor to autism. So it was with interest that I recently read a scientific article in which they found that monkeys which were fed lead developed brain plaques identical to those found in the brains of people with Alzehiemer’s. It appears that the exposure to lead in the early developmental phase of the monkeys is what lead to the plaque formation rather than during adulthood.

This demonstrates the importance of shielding our children from the environmental pollutants that exist today as much as possible.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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