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Homeopathic Evangelists

It is not uncommon when patients first experience the dramatic healing of homeopathic medicine to want tell all their friends and family.  Through the years many converts to homeopathy have become “homeopathic evangelists” spreading the word about this amazing system of medicine. Even the royal family have shown vocal support.

One such convert was Constatine Hering, MD.  He first approached homeopathy as a debunker, having been asked by his medical professors in Leipzig to write a paper condemning Hahnemann’s new medical system.  In an honest attempt to do that, he repeated Hahnemann’s experiment with Cinchona bark and got the same results as Hahnemann.  Hering was later cured of a potentially fatal dissecting wound with a dose of Arsenicum album, and he became one of homeopathy’s most ardent supporters and greatest practitioners.  He wrote, “My enthusiasm grew.  I became a fanatic.  I went about the country, visited inns, where I got up on tables and benches to harangue whoever might be present to listen to my enthusiastic speeches on homeopathy.  I told the people that they were in the hands of cut-throats and murderers.   Success came everywhere.  I almost thought I could raise the dead.”

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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