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Homeopathy Statistics

The practice of Homeopathy is in 66 countries. A 2010 article in the British American Journal stated that 57% of people in Germany use Homeopathy. The same journal reported recently that German politicians were seeking the cessation of government reimbursement for Homeopathic treatment, but the German medical Association stepped in and proclaimed its support for the practice of Homeopathy and for the reimbursement of Homeopathic care.

In addition to Germany’s support for Homeopathy, the interior ministry of Switzerland announced plans to recognize Homeopathy as a legitimate medicine, In addition to Homeopathy gaining recognition, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine will join the ranks of conventional medicine.

Europe has a large presence of Homeopathic care, but India surpasses them with 300,000 qualified Homeopaths, 180 Homeopathic medical schools, 7,500 government clinics, 307 hospitals and 24 state boards designated for the registration of new qualified practitioners of Homeopathy.

The US in comparison to other more progressive countries lags behind in acceptance of Homeopathy. Although the American Medical Association is warming up to acupuncture I don’t foresee them recognizing the validity of Homeopathy anytime soon.


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