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How to increase your odds of surviving COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses Part I

How to increase your odds of surviving COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses Part I

It should be emphasized that current clinical experience shows that 80% of people contacting the COVID-19 virus will typically experience common flu symptoms.  However, there are several measures people can take to help their immune system work better and increase their chances of a positive outcome should you get sick.  Some of these measures are discussed below.

Live a healthy lifestyle.  Cut out added sugar, as sugar is known to depress the immune system.  Limit alcohol intake to 1 to 2 drinks weekly, or ideally not at all, as alcohol depresses the immune system, and also robs your body of many important nutrients.  Eat quality food that will actually nourish your body, not low nutrient junk.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, organic preferred. Drink enough water. Exercise (but not while sick). If you smoke or vape, quit.

Get enough sleep, as sleep deprivation depresses immunity.

Sipping hot tea and inhaling steam can weaken a heat-sensitive virus.  The way to use hot liquids is to take many sips rapidly enough and for long enough to heat up your throat but not scald yourself.

Vitamin C upregulates Natural Killer cell activity and helps boost our immune system.  Vit C works best if it is initiated prior to any onset of viral respiratory illness.  A dose of Vit C of 250 to 500 mg twice daily is decent for routine health, but in times of illness, or for special needs, Vit C dosing can and should be stepped up, possibly to 10 g daily or much more in divided doses.  Dosing to bowel tolerance is another way to take vitamin C during acute illness. Remember that the virus tends to incubate for 1 to 2 weeks prior to actual symptoms, so do not wait to feel sick before taking your vitamin C.  Liposomal vitamin C may be slightly superior to regular oral vitamin C, but does not come close to what IV Vit C can do. Vit C can be dosed orally every 15 to 30 mins; take as much as you can handle until symptoms improve.

Ascorbic acid (Vit C) inhibits NLRP3 in a dose-dependent fashion and also decreases IL-1ß secretion. Ascorbic acid also protects mitochondria against oxidative damage caused by the N-protein of COVID-19.  At Renaissance Health Centre we are providing high Dose IV vitamin C plus Myers vitamin/mineral combination at a significant discount for those wanting to boost their immune system.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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