I Don’t Believe In Acupuncture!

About a month ago I had a patient (who I will call Shirley)in her early 40’s come into the clinic looking for an alternative treatment of her uterine fibroids. Her gynecologist was strongly recommending that she have a hysterectomy to take care of the problem.

Shirley, was not really convince that alternative medicine had anything to offer for her fibroids but she was at least willing to give it a try as she really did not want surgery.
I gave Shirley a constitutional homeopathic remedy some vitamins and did acupuncture on her. I advised her that within 3 weeks we should see some results and that this would be a good time to get another ultrasound to check out if the treatment was working.

When Shirley went in to ask her gynecologist to do a repeat ultrasound the doctor flat out said, “I don’t believe in acupuncture!” and refused to order the test. Shirley ended up getting the ultrasound done elsewhere and to her amazement, the fibroid went from an 8.7 cm to 5.4 cm. In addition, instead of having severe cramping and heavy prolonged bleeding with her last menses she experienced only 4 days of bleeding and no pain. As Shirley left the clinic she commented that she was going to take the report over to her gynecologist to show her what alternative therapy can do.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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