I’m Walking Around Like A Zombie, On Pain Meds

Many people my age have fond memories of watching Bonanza on Sunday nights. Years ago when I heard that Michael Landon one of the stars on this western was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I was surprised and saddened. Pancreatic cancer has a very poor prognosis when treated conventionally. But there are some very promising results using non-conventional treatments. I recently came across an interesting interview published by Life Magazine that describes Michael’s remarkable cancer experience.

“…I’m on a radical diet. Worked it out with the help of my wife, who’s a health nut and knows a lot about nutrition. No animal fat or protein. I get everything I need from fruits and vegetables. My wife makes a wonderful hearty soup and every day 13 times a day I chop up a few organic apples and a bunch of organic carrots along with maybe some beet tops and dump them in the blender. Makes a 12 ounce glass of juice , and I drink it right down. Damn carrots are turning me orange. And every time I eat or drink I swallow digestive enzymes to replace what the pancreas has stopped producing. And then, once a day, I take a tried and true remedy for intestinal irritation, a coffee enema. Yup, I get filled to the rim. Organic coffee, I might add. And you know what? The same day I started this new program, the cramps stopped. And they’ve never come back. I have a feeling of fullness but no pain. No pain! I feel great. Crazy isn’t it? I may be dying, and I feel great. But you know what irks me? I’m dealing with some of the best cancer specialists. If I get stomach cramps, they know exactly what drugs will block the pain. They also know that, when you block pain, you dull your mind and lower your energy. But they figure that’s a price you have to pay. It never occurs to them that you could stop the pain just by changing your diet. Why in God’s name don’t they know that? Why is it they only know what kind of chemicals to pump into people?”

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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