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Las Vegas Tragedy; Treating the Shock

Today I had a patient that was at the concert in Las Vegas this past Sunday night when automatic gunfire rained down. Her face expressed a state of shock and fear. It was the same expressions we all saw as the news reporters interviewed those who were there.

This terrifying experience so shocking that more often than not it leaves the body in a state of emotional imbalance for weeks, months and even years. Fortunately, the homeopathic remedy Aconite helps to restore health.

Over the years I have treated Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans experiencing PTSD  with Aconite with success. More recently, an employee at our clinic had gone home and on opening her back door found blood streaked all over the kitchen tile and her dog ( who just recently had abdominal surgery) with its intestines hanging out. This sight shocked her whole system. Over the next weeks’ anxiety set in with insomnia. On giving her Aconite 1M the anxiety disappeared within 24 hours and her natural sleep returned.

In the case of today’s patient, I gave her Aconite 1M to take daily for 3 days followed by single doses every other day until her health returns.

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