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reading micro expressions in others test your skills

Look Out For Flickers – Do You Pick Up on Reading Other People’s Emotions?

How good are you at reading what someone else is feeling? For some people, it is a natural gift in that they can sense without reading body language if someone is hurting inside or angry. For most of us (99 out of 100), it takes a lot of effort to be a human lie detector as people have learned to mask their true feelings.

Paul Ekman, a psychologist formerly from UCSF, has identified the facial expressions of the seven key emotions that are universal, regardless of nationality or culture- happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, and surprise. People can’t help showing their true feelings for a fraction of a second. For example, a person might try to conceal their feelings of contempt but give it away with a fleeting raised lip on one side. These are called micro-expressions.

Test your ability to interpret micro-expressions at www.facetest.notlong.com.   Don’t blink!

Terry Pfau DO, HMD  | Doctor of Naturopathy in Las Vegas, Nevada

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