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Swiss Find Living Near Power Lines Not Good

Previous studies have demonstrated that living near high-power lines can be detrimental to one’s health.   A new Swiss study analyzed almost  5-million people (95% of the Swiss population) to determine if exposure to magnetic fields from  power lines is a contributing factor in neurodegenerative  conditions.

They found that people living within 160 feet of a tower increased their risk of developing Alzheimer’s multiple sclerosis, ALS, and  Parkinson’s disease by 124% compared to those living 2,000 feet away. It was also determined that the longer one lived near the lines their likely hood of developing these neurodegenerative diseases increased.    Living near power lines for five years the risk increased to 151%  and  10 years the risk increased to 178%.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD  | Las Vegas Doctor of Homeopathy and Osteopathy

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