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“How can I summarize a miracle in so few words?  Well, this is our story: On May 9th 2014, my son, Andrew was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  By the end of May, we brought him home, unable to walk properly, partially blind and deaf, he was just 29 years old.  That day my struggle started, what do I do now?  Our next appointment with a neurologist was scheduled that coming August, – 4 months away!!  A dear friend suggested that I give  Dr. Pfau a call, so I did.  I recall our appointment with him for the first time, his calm voice, and his reassurance that we will figure this “thing out.”   I cried all the way home, I also remember him telling my son, that he was after a cure for him and not just palliation of his symptoms.

Fast forward to November 2014, my son is doing wonderful, most of the symptoms are gone, spinal and brain lesions are either faded away or simply gone.  The neurologists were baffled as to how he had improved without any pharmaceuticals.  As I unsuccessfully tired to explain to them, how I credited the treatments he received at the Renaissance Health Centre to his amazing recovery, they dismissed me, as not being realistic.”

What appears to be a miracle in Andrew’s healing was really just his body being encouraged to restore health – an innate ability all our bodies have.  One of the therapies which were crucial in stimulating his healing was ozone.  Clinical studies from around the world show that autoimmune diseases like MS respond to this safe alternative treatment.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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