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What’s your Delusion?

Psychologist Peter Halligan of the UK assessed how common delusions were in the UK.  He found that more than 90% of people held at least one delusion.  None of his subjects were troubled by their strange beliefs.

Below are the top 10 delusion-like beliefs that he found:

Your body, or part of your body is misshapen or ugly – 46.4%

You are not in control of some of your actions – 44.3%

You are an exceptionally gifted person that others do not recognize – 40.5%

Certain places are duplicated, i.e. are in two different locations at the same time- 38.7%

People say or do things that contain special messages for you -38.5%

Certain people are out to harm or discredit you- 33.8%

Your thoughts are not fully under your control -33.6%

There is another person who looks and acts like you – 32.7%

People you know disguise themselves as others to manipulate or influence you -24.9%

New Scientist April 4-10, 2015


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