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More Than Just Tourette’s

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More Than Just Tourette’s 

So often in medicine when physicians evaluate a patient they try to affix a diagnostic label to their patient.   Once they have this diagnosis then they will send them to the appropriate specialist for treatment.  This often leads to a patient seeing 3-4 different specialists who then prescribe medications to suppress one’s symptoms.  However, what doctors tend to lose sight of is that the body functions as a whole and that all the variety of symptoms a patient is experiencing is coming from a core imbalance.  It is only by treating this core imbalance that the resulting symptoms can be cured rather than just suppressed.  As an example of this holistic approach I have included  one young girl’s struggles with multiple emotional and physical complaints.

“Sara just turned 10 and this last year, aside from reaching a milestone, we as her parents and her family are super excited for another big reason.  Last November Sara starting having some nervous tics representing themselves in the form of involuntary movement and involuntary vocalizations, looking and sounding exactly like Tourette’s syndrome.   We took her to the pediatrician, who then recommended we take her to a neurologist.  However, the neurologist didn’t offer a solution other than confirming it was Tourette’s and commented ‘this is something you have to deal with’.

Then we called Dr. Pfau, who has been our family homeopath since Sara was 8 months old and has accompanied our lives through different challenges with Sara’s health.  Aside from the tics, Sara’s behavior was very difficult in that she was easily irritated, very defiant, non-collaborative and, as if that wasn’t enough, she started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.  We also struggled with her inability to gain weight.

Dr. Pfau ordered some blood work, based on the Walsh protocol, and sure enough we identified that the behavior and the physical symptoms were tied together.  Results of blood work showed that she had an imbalance in her copper and zinc that were affecting her nervous system.  We started the treatment with specific supplements to balance her zinc and copper levels and within a week the vocalizations disappeared.   Then the other nervous ticks slowly started diminishing in frequency until a few weeks later they completely vanished.  She hasn’t experienced a panic attack since and her anxiety is so much better.  One additional benefit is she is no longer defiant.”

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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