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Don’t Treat Sinus Infections With Antibiotics

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Don’t Treat Sinus Infections With Antibiotics

A randomized, controlled trial done in 2012 revealed that antibiotics, which are routinely prescribed to treat sinus infections, were completely ineffective.  Participants were given either a 10-day course of amoxicillin or a placebo, and they were also allowed to take other over-the-counter drugs to suppress their symptoms.

The results showed no appreciable difference between the participants who were given the antibiotics and those who were given the placebo in days of work lost, recurrence, or routine aspects of life at days 3 and 10.  However, medical reviewers of this research were quick to blame viral causes of sinusitis as the real reason antibiotics don’t work.  Many doctors still commonly (and irresponsibly) give antibiotics for viral diseases, which don’t respond to antibiotics.

Sinusitis can also have a fungal cause, and you can treat viral, fungal, and bacterial sinus infections with non-drug treatments.  Hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide per gallon of purified water) can be added to a nebulizer or vaporizer.  Neural therapy – superficial injections of a local anesthetic into acupuncture points – resolves sinusitis almost instantly.  Oxidation therapy enhances your immune system to cleanly dispose of most any infection.  We have also found inhalation of ozone over a 10 minute time period can be very effective for sinus infections no matter what the infectious agent.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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