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Neurotracker, a video game designed to increase the cognitive ability of athletes is designed with simplicity in mind. In this game, the user tracks 3-D yellow spheres on the screen with their eyes as they bounce around a computer screen. The purpose of this is to allegedly prepare an athlete’s brain in a way other forms of training cannot. Faubert of Neurotracker said, “It forces you to use certain networks — attention-based networks, memory networks, motion-processing networks.”
Critics of the game believe it to be a gimmick that would take money from any sports team desperate to get an edge on its competition. Despite, the criticism, the program has spread to over 550 training facilities around the globe. Manchester United spent $80,000 to install a Neurotracker setup in its facility.
Matt Faust, a professional golfer said this about his use of the game: “Everything would be blacked out except for what your eyes would be looking at… the times that I’ve putted the best were when I was using it. I totally believe in it.”

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