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No More Diabetes

As obesity increases in the US there seems to be a proportional increase in diabetes. As with many chronic diseases diet plays a central role in the causation of diabetes.

When Frank who is in his late 50’s came in he had been on medication for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, fatigue and hypertension. He did not like the idea of being dependent on drugs the rest of his life and wanted help with solving his problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

Even with medication his blood sugar was running in the 140’s. Frank’s treatment consisted of an integrative approach where homeopathy, nutritional supplements, acupuncture and dietary change was implemented. After 5 months of treatment Frank was able to discontinue his medication for hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes. He lost 30 lbs and his blood sugar now runs in the l00’s.

Although we can not cure all cases of diabetes, proper treatment can help prevent the adverse affects that are so often associated with the elevated blood sugar.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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