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No More Hives

The antihistamines Xyzal and Claritan gave 8 year-old Jacob temporary relief at best for his itchy hives.   His urticaria first appeared the previous year after his parent’s home was sprayed with insecticides.  Out of frustration with his lack of response to conventional medicine Jacob’s mom decided to follow the recommendation of a friend to try an alternative approach.

On talking with Jacob’s mother I learned that he also had nightly bedwetting and grinding of his teeth at night.  When I looked at his emotional health his mom said he had to either be in his parent’s bed at night or have someone in his room.  He was also very shy and timid in public situations.  With this complete picture of all his symptoms Jacob was treated with Pulsatilla.

By the first month Jacob was off all his medications and his hives had diminished by 80%.  The same progress was made with his nightly bedwetting and teeth grinding.    At the end of three months not only were his physical symptoms cured but his mom noticed that Jacob was more outgoing and less timid with his interaction with people.

A single homeopathic remedy often can heal the whole person.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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