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One Doctor’s Personal Experience with Oxytocin

I receive in the mail yesterday a letter from a fellow physician relating his personal experience with oxytocin.   He started taking it to check the known effects of the hormone on sexual activities and any possible side effects.


He writes, “Surprisingly, something completely different happened.  The intake of oxytocin gradually changed my perception of life and other humans, in particular, the way I felt about my family and friends.  Until then I perceived the world as a difficult place to live in, a battlefield where people had to fight for justice and struggle for a place in the sun.


With oxytocin, I slowly started to perceive the same world as a better and warmer place.  I became filled with a tender, pleasant feeling of just being there, close to others.  When meeting other people, I felt –thrilled and excited. Taking oxytocin helped intensify my family ties.  My wife was and is still very happy with the improvement of our love life. ”


We have been compounding oxytocin for our patients for two years and they have experienced similar response.    It increases the warmth felt in social encounters resulting in greater bonding.


Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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