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How to prevent gout attacks

Preventing Gout Attacks

Anyone that has had a gout attack know just how exquisitely painful it can be. Often times just having the sheets of the bed touching the inflamed joint is intolerable. Of course drinking 32 ounces or more of cherry juice at the firstr sign of a gout attack usually eliminates pain.

However, there are some nutritional supplements that can be taken to prevent these attacks. The combination of Lithium (10-15milligrams twice daily) and vitamin C (2 grams twice daily) have proven to be very effective. Vitmain C significantly reduces serum uric acid levels, and lithium makes uric acid more soluble, so it doesn’t crystallize into painful “needles” of uric acid. These two actions combine to produce significant reduction in gout attacks.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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